Reykjavík Folk Festival 2018 - Day 3

  • 3.3.2018, 20:00 - 23:00, 65°44’N 17°54’W

The living legend Bjartmar Guðlaugsson leads the last day of Reykjavík Folk Festival 2018.



The 8th annual Reykjavík Folk Festival will be held in Kex Hostel on march 1th - 3th. 2018. There, folk musicians both young and old will join forces to create a three-day feast of folk music in the wonderful setting of Kex Hostel. Folk music has a long history in Iceland, from the rhyme songs of the old nordic sagas to the recent success stories of young folk-inspired artists like Of Monsters And Men, Ólöf Arnalds and Ásgeir.

The idea behind Reykjavík Folk Festival is to celebrate the diversity and breadth of the Icelandic folk music scene by mixing together artists and bands of different age and style that all share a common dept to the wonderful world of folk music.




Reykjavík Folk Festival in Gamla Nýló at 20:00 – Tickets via

Árni Vil at 20:00

Soffía Björg at 20:45

Teitur Magnússon at 21:30

Bjartmar Guðlaugsson at 22:20.