Northern lights deluxe


The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon!  Enjoy the hunt for the northern lights on a deluxe tour!


Enjoy the hunt for the northern lights on a deluxe tour!


Duration: 3 – 5 hours

Location: South Iceland

Season: September 1st – April 15th

Included: Bus tour on a small coach of maximum 16 passangers, English speaking driver-guide. Icelandic pastry, hot beverages, warm blankets and a tripod on the bus.

Departures: 21:00 – Free pickup from 20:15

Arrival: Estimated time of arrival around 00:30 AM ++


When conditions allow we head out to search for the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis

On the deluxe tour we limit the group size to having no more than 16 passengers on a small coach. The coach has warm blankets aboard and a tripod that you can use.

We bring along an Icelandic pastry and warm drinks to get a bit of warmth into you during the cold night.

NOTE: Dress extremely well, preferably in layers. Bring a hat and gloves and wear thick socks. Drop off is right at your hotel.

10.900 ISK

  • 10-15 years: 5.450 ISK
  • ISK


  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour ID: ST09
  • Additional Information:

    * We decide after 17:00 every day if conditions are favorable to go on the tour.

    * The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon.

    * Pictures do not always reflect actual sightings.

    * Sightings cannot be guraranteed even if the tour is


    * If no lights are seen, you are welcome to join our Northern lights bus tour for free on another night.   * If no lights are seen it is important to re-book your tour as soon as possible by calling or e-mailing Sterna Travel.


  • Pick up from hotels/guesthouses/hostels (according to pick up rules by the city of Reykjavik) starts 30 minutes before the departure and may take up to 30 minutes. Please be ready for that time.
  • Hot beverages
  • Icelandic pastry and a blanket