Ride Wildly


Experiencing Iceland while eating some dust or bits of snow in lava fields and mountain valleys can be something to remember in an entourage of friends, family, coworkers etc

Action packed tour

Do you enjoy riding wildly over rutted wastelands, moderately sized rivers and off-road tracks whilst getting fairly cold, mud-covered and drizzly?  Then Quad Biking is almost certainly the trip for you.   Quad Biking (a.k.a. ATV Biking) is neither weather dependent nor a seasonal trip and therefore it's one of the few outdoor activities that can be practiced no matter how shitty the weather is.

As stated above Quad Biking is not a seasonal trip so there's always a slight chance of sunshine, especially during the high summer.  In Iceland there's never a guarantee for anything when it comes to the weather so don't dare to set your hopes high.

Practical Info: The tour takes about +/- 2 hour on the Bike, +/- 3,5 hour in total.

Departures everyday at 12.45 – 13.15.

The trip includes Overall/Gloves/helmet (safety first).

Requirements: Drivers´s license and your good mood.